After my cabinetmaker’s education in Copenhagen, I applied Capellagården in order to learn more about hand tools, new techniques and materials. But also to have the possibility to work with my own projects in a creative environment with other people from all over the world with various skills.

What I learned was a deeper understanding behind the cabinet making process and thus honing my own skills. I also made lasting friendships as far as Japan.

After Capella…

After my Gesäll in 2015 I had a stay at the Toyama University for craft and design in Japan. I was taught traditional Japanese hand tools by mr. Kenji Komatsu for five months and travelled Japan from the north to the south for two months to learn even more about the Japanese craft and culture. In 2016 I established my own cabinetmaker company and since 2017 I have specialised on custom interior design of restaurants as well as commissions for private clients. All this is done with my partner, designer Anton Normark. Together we also do courses teaching the Japanese Kumiko-techniqe.

My advice to future students

I find it very important to keep an open mind towards new techniques as well as new materials from the various departments. Capellagården certainly is a unique school with skilled teachers and students.