Capellagården was my first textile education and what really opened my eyes to the fact that my great interest could become my career. The year at Capella gave me the courage to continue researching and immersing myself in costume design and design. The craft foundation and material knowledge I gained at school are still a basis in everything I do. The physical proximity to the other orientations also created a curiosity for working with new techniques across material boundaries. 

The school's unique atmosphere, the surrounding garden, the vegetarian food and all the fantastic buildings are something I still often long for!

After Capella…

I continued to the Tillskärarakademin in Gothenburg and the Dramatic Institute (now StDH) in Stockholm. Now I work as a scenographer and costume designer in dance, opera and theatre. I work a lot with historical references and challenging material. I use character-creating costumes and stylistic spaces as a way to create representation and discuss gender, hierarchies and power. A mix of dream worlds and revolution! 

My advice to future students:

“Take advantage of the surroundings and the focus that privacy provides. Let the education become an oasis to dream in, a place for research and deep diving! The space to experiment freely is so difficult to find again later in professional life.”