“I was very young when I started, only 19 years old. For me, Capellagården became not just a school but my whole life and security. In addition to everything I learned during the training, I also had the chance to develop, both as a person and as a cabinetmaker, at my own pace and in my own way. There was always great humility and respect, both from other students and teachers.

One of the things that I learned most deeply from what I learned is the respect for the material, the craft.

In my third year I interned with the design group Uglycute, which led to me working with them after school. I hired myself in their workshop in their premises at Södermalm. At first, I almost only worked with them on various projects, which later led to a wider clientele, which mostly consisted of designers, artists and interior designers."

After Capella…

Today I still work in a similar way, still have the workshop at Uglycute and now share it with another Capellus, Anders. We work together on various projects, often restaurant and office interiors, prototypes, smaller productions of furniture, etc. I have also written a book, "Wood - carpentry handbook for interior design and cultivation" and am currently working on my second book "Carving kitchen utensils" .

My advice to future students

Allow yourself to really geek out on what you find interesting and fun and let projects take time. And make use of the time you have at Capellagården, it's magical! 

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