Friends of Capellagården

is a non-profit association of friends that develops and supports the activities at Capellagården by;
Arrange an annual Capellus exhibition where students are given the opportunity to exhibit together with an invited guest
Support the activities at Capellagården with grants and scholarships. All funds collected go directly to the activities at Capellagården
Organizes an annual lovely craft/art raffle to raise funds
A forum for all of us who care about the school and want to help in one way or another

As a member, you can expect the following;
Invitation to the Capellus exhibition and annual activities such as fixer's day, lectures, etc.
Newsletter 3 times a year
Free entry to Capellagården's summer exhibition

Annual membership
Individual Family/cohabitation Company
SEK 160
SEK 270 SEK 1500
Membership is paid via bank to bank giro 467-6177 via Swish to 1235201827
Be sure to include your name, address and email address
Many thanks to all our members!

Do you want to get in touch with us on the board?
e-mail to then one of us will get back to you as soon as we can

Here we present the winners of this year's summer lottery 2022

Drawing held October 22, 2022 at Capellagården. The winners have been contacted

  1. Vase "Pallio" - Solveig Hermansson, Kastlösa
  2. Bench "Visingsö" - Hans Wangdal, Runsten
  3. Watercolor "Alvaret" - Eva Lennartsson, Färjestaden
  4. Lino print "Work" - Stina Lord, Mörbylånga
  5. Silver jewelery – Johan Wärmelin, Gothenburg
  6. Coffee maker – Johan Lidmark, Malmö
  7. Cushions, 2 handprints – Carina Magnusson, Harestad
  8. Shelf "Glasspinnen" - Erik Granér, Kalmar
  9. Coffee cups 4 pcs – Anette Magnusson, Kalmar
  10. Kimono – Viktoria Dahlberg, Stockholm
  11. Towels, linen 1 pair – Jan Hyllner, Kalmar
  12. Fennel in wood – Ingegerd Petersson, Kalmar
  13. Candlesticks/vases – Sofie Johansson, Odense DK
  14. Round tray – Anette Magnusson, Kalmar
  15. Book "In the gardener's footsteps" - Bitte Stenström, Vickleby
  16. Book "In the footsteps of the gardener" - Kjell Danielsson, Bårby
  17. Sandwich tray – David Åström, Väröbacka