Summer courses 2024

Our summer courses

A summer course at Capellagården can be a challenge and provide life-changing inspiration for future path choices. Practical knowledge, artistic training and enriching community go hand in hand. Capellagården has become a concept, a meeting place for craft and culture-interested people from Sweden and the world. We explore different materials and get to know their different beauty values. You get to work in different techniques and seek experiences in the meeting between technology and materials and get to experience how your own personality seeks expression through the hand, eye and thought. Our course leaders are experienced craftsmen and artists who also share their own work through lectures and the like. With a few exceptions, the courses require no prior knowledge and you are welcome to apply regardless of age or nationality (see further under the heading language). As a boarding student with full board in a beautiful and relaxing environment, you can fully devote yourself to your chosen craft or subject.

Course program general courses

Here you can botanize among all summer courses in 2024. First in the list are our general courses, then creative courses for children and adult security personnel. Courses marked with an asterisk are carried out in collaboration with the Authority for Vocational College, Art and Culture.

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Course period 1, June 23–June 29: 
Raku ceramics *
A writing life
Color – A world full of color *
From pine tree to pallet

Course period 2, 30 June–13 July:
Pattern with color - Create patterns with nature's pigments *
Form in wood *
Building maintenance – The facade and windows of the house
Turning – basic course *
Weaving - basic course

Course period 3, July 14–July 20
Landscape painting
Carving with knife and ax *
Ceramics in the garden
Garden - passion for cultivation and joy of flowers *
Free embroidery

Course period 4, 21 July–3 August (international course period)
Stool workshop/Stool workshop * (eng if necessary)
Kavling/Slab building * (eng if necessary)
Screenprint/Screenprint (eng if necessary)
Furniture upholstery * (sv)
Carve a ribbon gate - weave a ribbon (en)

Course period 5, 4 Aug–10 Aug
Ceramics – Glazes *
Free painting *
The Japanese sewing technique Sashiko
The beauty of swirling *
Cutting woodturning*
From farm to table in Capellagården's garden (7 Aug–9 Aug)

Creative courses for children and adults

Part of Capellagården's summer course program is aimed at children who want to take a creative course together with an adult security person. Click on the heading to get to the course description/info.

Pattern with nature – July 2-3 
Painting, creating with color and shape – July 4-5
Loom & band gate for squeamish hands – July 9-10
Sculpting in Clay – July 16-17
Spinning for the first time – July 23-24 or July 25-26
Shrink can for small and large hands - July 30-31

Application form

Link to application form, general courses
Link to application form, child and adult


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