The cultural incubator Kreativa Öland


For many cultural creators, craftsmen, artisans, artists, professional life means that one carries out their work within the framework of their own company. The cultural incubator Kreativa Öland is a support for cultural creators on Öland who want to develop their business based on an artistic business logic.

The businesses that are admitted to the Cultural Incubator meet one day a week to work strategically with their business, starting in September and ending in May. The themes covered during the program are the creative core of the business, examining the preservation of one's craft and artistry, communication, clients, clients and customers. Furthermore, the program contains structure between the different hats of the corporate role, the wider supply palette, value-based and passion-driven economics, financial work, the collegial context and creative processes. The program is designed to meet the challenges professional cultural creators face in their everyday lives. Collegial learning is included as a common thread throughout the year.

The cultural incubator Kreativa Öland was established in 2017 as part of Mörbylånga municipality's cultural strategy and is run by Capellagården and Öland Folkhögskola. Since 2020, the municipality of Borgholm is also included. Read more about the Culture Incubator on the website www.kreativaö, the application period is open from 1 April to 1 June.