The building maintenance training at Capellagården is run in collaboration between Öland Folkhögskola, Capellagården and Himmelsberga Öland's museum. The education is classified as a public university education in post-secondary studies and aims to give you a broad insight and knowledge of the various professions of the Building Care Service.

Developing your craft skills as a building caretaker is central to the education. The courses will highlight traditional materials and methods, machine knowledge, as well as issues related to sustainability, cultural and architectural history and building antique aspects. Through meetings with professionals and in course sessions, we also highlight our own business and construction finance. The education gives you a platform to stand on regardless of whether you wish to get a broad foundation for further studies, take a step into professional life or broaden your knowledge based on a previous profession. At Capellagården there is a responsible teacher in Building Maintenance, and building maintenance teachers, guest teachers and lecturers also participate in the training.

On the Building Care course:

  • teaching takes place in a group of 14 students.
  • is most of the training is practical work on actual objects.
  • we do study visits and study trips to broaden perspectives and know-how.
  • we invite guest teachers and lecturers for deepening in various subjects and professions.


The educational idea takes on the building by going through the outer shell and frame of the house during the autumn. When winter comes, we go into the warmth and work on the interior parts of the house in order to go out again in the spring and look at the location of the house, the garden and the surrounding area. The focus of the courses varies from year to year depending on which buildings we can obtain as study objects.

Architecture/building history
Construction techniques: Crafts and methods
History of style: Influences, national/regional/local traditions
Settlement: Communities, villages, buildings
Cultural historical values
Garden history – the landscape and the farm.

Wood - construction and carpentry
Frame and construction
Exterior carpentry
Interior carpentry
The perimeter and gates
Restoration, renovation and new manufacturing
Materials, tools, techniques
Profile planing – profiles and mouldings
Style history, dating
Wood knowledge - from forest to timber

Roof, facade
Materials and techniques
Local designs and traditions

Painting and color
Style and time
Make your own paint – linseed oil paint, egg oil tempera, mud paint, etc
Painting methods, substrates and the properties of the paint
Color removal
Internal surface condition wall: Wallpapering, cardboard tension, rag cardboard, etc

Clay and Masonry
Clay - mud, clay, build
Walls and fences
Masonry and plastering techniques

Antiquarian aspects and construction law
Research methodology
Construction economics and sustainability

Other information

Duration of education: One academic year (40 weeks)
Eligibility requirements: High school diploma or equivalent
Scheduled time per week on average: 35 clock hours of which 21 are teacher-led.
Number of students: 12
Education leader: Victoria Brännström
Form of education: Folk high school education

Term date
Autumn term: 2023-08-21 to 2023-12-22 (18 weeks, full-time)
Spring semester: 2024-01-08 to 2024-06-07 (22 weeks, full-time)

Service charge
SEK 850/month which covers costs for materials/consumables in teaching, machines, tools and travel. Billed monthly.

Fill in the application form, which includes, among other things, a personal letter in which you justify why you want to attend the training and what your plans are after the training.

For questions about the content of the training, please contact
Victoria Brännström,
Camilla Pontén 070 3613267

For other questions, refer to Capellagården's office,
0485-361 32


A warm welcome with your application!

Camilla Pontén, Rector Capellagården
Victoria Brännström, Education leader Capellagården
Åke Holm, Principal of Öland's Folk High School
Julius Sääf, Director of Operations Himmelsberga / Ölands Museum



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