Textile application open

It is still possible to apply for Capellagården's textile education starting in autumn 2023.
Link to textile application form >

Application Garden open

You can now apply to garden starting in spring 2024. Last date for applications: 10 October 2023.
Link to garden application form >

Your application must include the following:

Personal letter (written directly in the application, max 400 words)
Brief CV from education and work (written directly in the application)
High school final grade and selected certificates from studies and work (pdf)
Identity card from the Swedish Tax Agency (pdf)
Picture of yourself, portrait picture/similar passport photo (jpg, pdf)

The following also applies to the courses in Textiles, Furniture and Ceramics:
Work samples/portfolio (max five A3 pages, pdf). The portfolio can contain sketches, paintings, photos of 3-dim work/objects, etc.
Special task (pdf)  

All documents must be in PDF format. The upload is limited to a file of a maximum of 16 MB per question. This means that you may need to merge your pdf documents into one file. This can also be done on the web. 

Suggested URLs;
Convert to PDF: https://www.freepdfconvert.com/sv
Merge PDF: https://tools.pdf24.org/sv/merge-pdf

Special task "Balance"

  1. Go out into nature or the city and pick up loose objects you find: sticks, stones and rubbish. Break nothing, steal nothing and don't break anything, but only use loose things that nobody wants.
  2. Based on the things you have found, you must now construct a sculpture. The sculpture must be about or relate to the word "balance". You can use string, tape and glue if you need to, but otherwise you should just stick to what you have found. The task is meant to be a creative challenge so work through your sculpture and don't take the easy way out. You choose where you place your sculpture.
  3. Now you must document your sculpture with three photographs. The photographs must present the sculpture as clearly as possible and facilitate our assessment of your work effort.
  4. Briefly describe how you worked and thought about your sculpture. Finally, give your sculpture a name or title.

Processing of the application

When you have submitted your application, an overall assessment of your application is made based on the Authority for Vocational College's criteria for Art and Culture Education. We will contact you if any questions arise. Notification of admission or any reserve place is sent to all applicants. 

Thank you for your application!