Handbook for students

Welcome to Capellagården

We are happy and proud that you have chosen to study at Capellagården and look forward to this school year.

There is a lot to keep in order when you come to a new school with new routines, workshops, times, staff and students. That is why there is this simply designed handbook for students which together with information from your teachers, Capellagården's website, weekly newsletter etc. provides important information that you need to have with you.

Here in the handbook, we have collected the headings in alphabetical order. Some headings refer to Capellagården's website. It may seem cumbersome, but it means that the same information is not found in two places and can therefore be kept up to date more easily. This document is available in digital form on Google Drive and is thus also subject to change and can be updated during the current school year, we do our best to inform about news.

Address and contact

Capellagården, Vickleby Bygata 25, 386 93 Färjestaden
School office info@capellagarden.se and 0485-36132
Emergency telephone number 072–314 85 80
Other contacts, see Capellagården's website under the heading Contact

The book house, the library and common premises

The book house is the school's common meeting room, where we meet for morning meetings, among other things. Likewise, it is fine to use the Atelier during evenings and weekends if it is not booked, please contact the expedition. See the Policy for use of the Book House and the Studio outside of teaching hours.
The school library is open every day and evening. After school, there is an opportunity to meet and hang out in the Vingårdsalen.
During the warmer season, it's fine to sit in our greenhouses. In winter, a shared sauna bath in the school's wood-burning sauna cabin in Pensiontsbacken is recommended.

The destination Capellagården

At Easter, Capellagården opens its garden shop and nursery with artisanally raised plants, etc. The shop is open until the Harvest Festival, which takes place on the last weekend in September. In summer, Capellagården is a popular destination in southern Öland with a beautiful garden, craft shop, exhibitions and garden café as well as Sivan's Pub.
An active association of friends, Capellagården's friends, welcomes all students, former students and people with an interest in the activity. The Vänföreningen manages a scholarship and co-finances various projects at Capellagården. Learn more about the friend association on Capellagården's website,

Student council and food advice

The Student Council is the students' forum for questions relating to the large farm and life at Capellagården. The student council consists of two representatives from each major. The student council then chooses a chairman, secretary and treasurer from among themselves. The student council has the opportunity to invite staff from the school to its meetings.
Every semester, the kitchen invites you to a food council to capture thoughts and develop questions related to food.

Error reporting

If you report problems in accommodation and public premises on a special form in the copy room, our caretaker will do his best to fix the problem. You report errors in the workshop to your teacher.


It is not permitted for visitors to take photographs in the workshops without special permission. When Capellagården takes pictures for marketing purposes, we always ask permission from those who appear in the picture. See also GDPR below.


You must report the absence to your teacher. Ask your department what applies when you get sick.


By being accepted to one of the school's courses, you will be insured against accidents. The insurance is valid during term time, at all times of the day and also during travel to or from school. The insurance applies to all students at Capellagården. It does not apply to visitors. If you live at the school, we recommend that you take out home insurance


From 25 May 2018, the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies. The purpose of GDPR is to strengthen the individual's rights when it comes to personal privacy. Stiftelsen Capellagården is the data controller for the processing of your personal data. Your personal data is registered in Stiftelsen Capellagården's administrative system. The processing of your personal data is necessary for Stiftelsen Capellagården to be able to fulfill its contractual obligations towards you as a student and in accordance with the legal regulations in force at any given time. In the departments there is detailed information about what we register, storage time and your rights.


It is fine to have guests staying over in their own room; mattress is available to borrow in Sörgården's basement. Always inform your neighbors in the accommodation before a visit. If the guest stays longer than a week, a fee of SEK 50/night is charged. If there are rooms available in student accommodation, it is fine to rent a guest for single nights at a price of SEK 250/night. You are then responsible for informing the others in the house and cleaning the room after your guest. As a guest, you are welcome to buy meals from the Vingårdsalen. Remember to inform the kitchen in good time.


Pets are only allowed in designated houses in the accommodation at Capellagården.
Pets are not allowed in Capellagården's workshops and public areas.
Exceptions apply to certified assistance or guide dogs.


Wifi is available in workshops and in public areas, the password is "cmalmsten". In Majagården there is a local network. There is no network available in student accommodation.

Emergency phone

The school has an emergency phone outside school hours, call it if your matter cannot wait until the next day, 072-3148580


At the office, you will get answers to most practical questions, certificates, invoices, etc. Here you can copy, pick up mail and buy stamps. The office is open for matters Monday to Thursday 09.30-10.30. It is always good to send an email to info@capellagarden.se


The Kalmar-Mörbylånga buses stop at Vickleby crossroads. The timetable is available at www.klt.se or on the KLT app. From the stop, it is 1.5 km to Capellagården.

Short courses and summer courses

During the summer, we offer one- and two-week courses in ceramics, building maintenance, furniture, textiles and gardening. We also have weekend or short courses during the rest of the year.
The cultural incubator Kreativa Öland
Capellagården, Öland's folk high school, Borgholm municipality and Mörbylånga municipality together run a cultural incubator, for future entrepreneurs in cultural and creative professions. Kreativa Öland operates on Mondays in the Book House at Capellagården.

Crisis management

See the school's action plan for emergency events.

Quality assurance of our educations

The school is under the supervision of the Authority for Vocational Education and Training for tx, ke, wood and gardening, for building care education is under the supervision of Öland's folk high school.
The school has a management group for our five full-time courses where systematic quality work is the focus. The group meets at least four times per academic year and consists of the principal, a representative from the board, education leaders and students from each full-time education.
All students have personal conversations with their departmental teachers at least once per semester. The focus is on the student's individual development and artistic processes. During presentations or exhibition work, conversations and follow-ups are also carried out with invited guests, active in the respective subject area
We evaluate each semester and all longer courses in writing. See also the respective education plan and course plans.


The kitchen is KRAV-certified. (In season, the kitchen uses vegetables from its own farms). Breakfast, lunch and supper are served every school day.
It is compulsory for students living at the school to eat at the school. You who live outside the school are welcome to eat at the school if you wish. We apply a coupon system. Current food prices and coupons for this can be found at the expedition.

Live and live

See Capellagården's website under the heading "Live and live". The Accommodation Annex to your contract contains collected information on everything related to accommodation.

Malmsten – Siv and Carl

The Capellagården foundation was started in 1960 by husband and wife Carl and Siv Malmsten with the vision "A school for creative work". There is much to read about the school's founders in the library and on our website.

Morning gatherings

Morning gatherings are part of Capellagården's pedagogy and a way to create collaboration across all educations and to share experiences and knowledge across borders. Scheduled morning meetings Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The morning gatherings start at 08.30 and the aim is to give and create;
Exchange and transparency of the various departments' tasks and content


Smoking is only permitted in certain outdoor areas. On the school grounds, smoking is permitted next to the wood oven in the pottery yard and during the semesters by the wall next to the greenhouse north of the kitchen (not when the cafe is open). Pick up pussies after you. In connection with the accommodation, smoking is only permitted outdoors and then some distance from the entrance.


Capellagården has three parking lots. The large parking lot northwest of the school is for everyone, including visitors, the parking lot in Pensionatsbacken is for students and staff and the parking lot south of the school is staff parking.

Staff and contact

See Capellagården's website under the heading Contact


The school has policies for:
Working environment
Work in workshops and garden outside teaching hours
The school bus
Other important documents:
Action plan in case of emergency events
Equal treatment plan
Accommodation supplement

Psychologist and support

Capellagården's curator/psychologist during the 2023-24 school year is Linda Sibbmark, based in Kalmar.
Linda can be contacted by emailing to psykolog@capellagarden.se
Meetings take place both in Swedish (in case of emergency in English)
Maximum of 3 occasions per student and academic year.
It is also fine to contact the health center if you are registered at Capelalgården.
In the event of an emergency, call the psychiatric emergency room in Kalmar on 0480-817 70

Social media and website

Feel free to follow Capellagården at the addresses below.
www.instagram.com/capellagarden Linkedin Capellagården www.capellagarden.se


Capellagården conducts education in Swedish. As we have the advantage that other nationalities still apply to us, we adapt as much as possible so that everyone is included and understood. If, for example, the morning collection is in Swedish, the person holding it tries to ask someone who is willing to translate for those who need it.

Study affiliation

The authority for the Vocational College is the supervisory authority for Capellagården's educations. Educations in Gardening, Furniture, Textiles and Ceramics are classified as Art and Culture educations.
www.myh.se www.konstkulturutbildning.se
The building maintenance training is located at Capellagården and has Öland's Folkhögskola as its main partner and collaboration with Öland's museum Himmelsberga.

Study breaks and study interruptions

A study break is when you, as a student, take a time-limited break from your studies and intend to come back and complete the education. Reasons for a study break can be illness, pregnancy, care of children or other things that Capellagården deems to be special reasons.
For a granted study break, you as a student must submit a written application to the head teacher and state the reason for the break and the period for which the break should apply.
Interruption of studies must be reported in writing.

Study support and study assurance

You, as a student who has been granted student aid, need to ask the school for a study assurance in order for your student aid to be paid out. The study declaration can be printed logged in to CSN My pages. It must then be signed by staff at the school office and sent back to CSN via letter or digitally via a form on the website.
The CSN quotas are as follows
Textil 1 – high school studies
Textile 2 – post-secondary studies Furniture 1 – post-secondary studies Furniture 2-3 – post-secondary studies Ceramics 1 – post-secondary studies Ceramics 2 – post-secondary studies Gardening – post-secondary studies Building maintenance – secondary studies (Huvudman Öland Folkhögskola)

Board and principal

Capellagården is run by a non-profit foundation.
The foundation's board consists of:
Kent Johansson (chairman of the board)
Hans Ahlin
Svante Öqvist
Peter Ekholm
Elisabeth Svalin Gunnarsson
Carina Seth Andersson
Camilla Bäckman Pontèn
Support and counselor Are you in need of support to manage studies and self-leadership. Then you are warmly welcome to Öland Folkhögskola on Wednesdays starting on September 6 at 3 p.m. where the curator Caroline holds a group based on a process called Skills. Email Caroline at caroline.jv@olandsfolkhogskola.se

Safety in workshops and garden

Each main course has safety regulations for work protection in the workshops and the garden. It is important that you take note of them and know what applies regarding times in the workshop, use of machines and other equipment, chemicals, etc. For weekend and evening work, a special policy applies.

Exhibitions and events

The school participates in several different contexts with programs, exhibitions, etc., and some are special and return every year. Art Night/Harvest Festival is a big event on Öland and always takes place on the last weekend in September. Capellagårdens has an annual popular summer exhibition where students in Textiles, Ceramics and Furniture are offered to exhibit throughout the summer season. Byggnadsvård displays completed projects and Trädgård shows its designed cultivation plots. The school is also active at the Öland Roots festival and at the Möbelmässan in Stockholm.

The garden and the plantations

Capellagården's garden is a place for inspiration and recovery. The garden is also accessible to villagers and visitors.


Today, the school offers year-round courses in ceramics, gardening, furniture, textiles and building maintenance.

Certificate of education

After approved training, you will receive a training certificate documenting that you have completed the training. Art and culture courses within the Authority for Vocational Colleges are graded pass or fail on the various courses.


Copy machine is available next to the office. In the copy room there is also a manual for printing. Contact Johan if you have problems. Prints that concern your education are free of charge. You pay for private prints in the office
Welcome, we hope you enjoy yourself!