Living, working and studying at Capellagården provides the conditions for what the school's founder Carl Malmsten called "hand and spirit in living collaboration". In addition to a qualified education, the school wants to be a home and a place for warmth and togetherness.

Capellagården is located on southern Öland in the village of Vickleby. The school's operations, its workshops and classrooms, student rooms and kitchens are housed in houses that were originally Öland farmhouses. Together with the large garden, these cultural-historical buildings create a special environment and atmosphere.

The school is located in a world heritage site and is surrounded by Stora Alvaret, fertile agricultural plain and just 3 km to the west there are deciduous forest groves, coastal meadows and the sea in Kalmarsund.

Cooperation and community

Capellagården is the place and the people who work here. It is us who together shape the place and everyday life in workshops, gardens, assembly halls, kitchens and living spaces. We share living space and meet together.

Capellagården's kitchen

Capellagården has its own kitchen that is KRAV-certified. As a student, you can choose home cooking, vegetarian or vegan food. For accommodation at the school, breakfast, lunch and dinner are mandatory and therefore included in the rent. Meals are served Monday through Friday with breaks during weekends and public holidays. On Saturdays and Sundays, you cook your own food in the kitchen of your accommodation, perhaps together with the others in the house.

Students who live outside the school are warmly welcome to buy meals. We apply a coupon system and payment takes place on the spot. Students who live at the school have a lower price per meal than students who buy individual meals.

Residents at Capellagården who are not staying at Capellagården due to a study trip or long-term illness are allowed a certain meal reduction, provided that the kitchen and expedition have been notified.

Meals are served weekdays in Capellagården's dining room, Vingårdsalen.

Breakfast 07.15 – 08.00
Coffee (Mon, Wed) 10.00 – 10.30
Lunch 11.45 – 12.30
Dinner 16.30 – 17.15

Accommodation and rent

You who are admitted to one of the school's courses are offered accommodation at the school. The rooms are of a simple standard and are located in the cottages on the boarding house hill and in the school's various farm buildings. Each house with its very own character and history. 

The room is rented furnished and is equipped with a bed, blanket and pillow (if you want, you can bring your own), desk, chair, mirror and wardrobe or chest of drawers. Residents themselves are responsible for all consumables such as detergent, dish soap, soap, toilet paper and more. The common areas are shared by those who live in the house, which includes a toilet and shower room, a kitchen or kitchenette with associated crockery and kitchen utensils, and a laundry room. Some houses have family rooms, but not all. In one of our houses (T-stugan) it is allowed to live with your pet. 

When you stay at Capellagården, full board is mandatory. Accommodation and food costs are invoiced monthly and paid in advance the first week of each month. For those who live at Capellagården but wish to move during the semester, a notice period of one month applies. Students who do not live at the school but wish to use the school's washrooms pay SEK 200 per month. The school's student rooms are rented per academic year and the rental levels also apply per academic year. The rooms vary in size and rental level;

Small room is 6 to 10 m2 (5400 SEK incl. full board)
Standard rooms are 10 to 15 m2 (5,840 SEK incl. full board)
Large room is larger than 15 m2 (6280 SEK incl. full board)
Room with private bathroom (+ SEK 660)

The above rents apply from the autumn semester 2023

Common premises

In the evenings there is an opportunity to meet and socialize in the school's library and Vingårdsalen. It is also here in the school's public premises and the workshops that there is WiFi. For activities that require a little more space, the school's assembly hall, the Bokhuset, is available to borrow. During the warmer season, it's fine to sit in our greenhouses. In winter, a shared sauna bath in the school's wood-burning sauna cabin is recommended.