"A study in green"

We have received a welcome addition to our summer courses in 2022. The title of the course is "A study in green" - to craft sustainably and permaculture with Niclas Hallberg as course leader. Niclas is a freelance craftsman, artist and permaculture designer, with a focus on sustainable creation and a life that leaves as little footprint as possible on our earth.

Location: Capellagården
Time: 17-23 July
Course fee: SEK 4400

The course focuses on how, with local wood materials and a few cutting tools, we can make useful objects that we need in everyday life, with a focus on the garden and home. We learn about which types of wood are used for what to take advantage of its properties, which tools are used, its care and simple joints. It can be about smaller objects, and also ladders, rakes, pallets. The course is also about how we bring creative creation together with permaculture ethics and design tools to understand the knowledge of sustainable life on all levels.


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