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Liselotte & Vidar Malmsten
Artist couple with a wide palette

This year, in addition to the traditional summer exhibition at Capellagården, there is also a unique exhibition with a selection of Liselotte and Vidar Malmsten's works.

The Book House at Capellagården opposite the Mangårdsbygden.
The exhibition is open every day from June 26 to August 13, at 10-17.

Guiding by Bodil Anjar:
Thursday, July 13, at 1 p.m
Thursday, July 20, at 1 p.m
Thursday, July 27, at 1 p.m

The guide is free of charge.
Entrance to Capellagården's exhibitions SEK 50. 

Vidar Malmsten (1924–1969) was the only one of Siv and Carl Malmsten's five children who followed in his father's footsteps. As a furniture designer, interior architect and craftsman. In 1947 he met Liselotte Bourcart, later Malmsten (1922–2021), who had come to Sweden from Switzerland to learn more about the Scandinavian interior design ideals. Vidar produced a series of interiors, on his own or together with his father, and he designed furniture, always with "very human and quiet charm in design and function", as the critic and designer Lena Larsson wrote in a memorial text. Some are still in production, such as the stackable chair Kaj. Other things appear at the auction houses. Liselotte was trained as an interior designer, but it was mainly in textiles that her artistry developed. For many years, she worked designing furniture fabrics, curtains, carpets as well as coloring and artistically painting furniture for Carl Malmsten AB. In parallel with design assignments, she worked with her own artistry.

The exhibition is produced by the Foundation Siv & Carl Malmstens Minne Formgiven and curated by Linda Zetterman & Johan Ekelund The texts are written by Dan Gordan The carpentry work carried out by Henrik Johansson, Viola Ferby, Alexander Olin and Pontus Järnemar 





Capellagården's summer exhibition 2023

We are very happy to have Tina Hellberg as curator for this year's exhibition. Here you can read her foreword to the exhibition catalogue:

"The drive to create is evident in the work and stories of Capellagården's students, craftspeople from different walks of life and with different paths that have led them to Siv and Carl Malmsten's visionary school, which has remained relevant since its founding in 1960 and perhaps even more so today. What you will see in the exhibition is the work of more than 50 people in woodwork, ceramics, textiles, building conservation and garden. My aim was to create a good flow and to place works next to each other that reinforce and communicate with each other, there is also an advantage in finding opposites that attract or rebel. When I think of one of the founders, Carl Malmsten, I would say that he was a bit of a rebel himself, always following and finding his own way, with Siv Malmsten by his side since their marriage in 1917, she the educator and teacher , who I am sure had more influence than what you can read in the many sources of information about her husband, They created the school that is Capellagården, a place where people of different ages could come together and share the same interests, get the chance to try out materials and create in workshops that were always available, share meals, grow food in the surrounding garden and have nature close by as a constant source of inspiration.

For me as a curator and interior designer, this is like a dream place where all the good values come together. Where both individual expression and a sense of community are at their best. Enjoy!”

A favorite quote of Carl Malmsten

"The main thing is that you are excited about life. Seized by the desire to create, the possibilities you have and can realize. To work and get into the present and everything that is so good and wonderful. Doing things that are shaped by your will, thoughts and feelings.”

Tina Hellberg


The exhibition is open every day from June 26 to August 13, at 10-17. Welcome!
This year's poster is designed by Stina Norberg

Here you can read the exhibition catalog as a pdf:

Catalog textile
Catalog furniture
Catalog ceramics