Trade teacher seminar 2024

6–8 September 2024 at Capellagården, Öland

Two inspiring days with workshops, lectures, discussions and exchanges of experience.

At the seminar lectures:

Camilla Bäckman Pontén. Costume historian, fashion scientist, crafts teacher as well as principal and CEO at Capellagården. Here she discusses the craft, its future and creates a dialogue together with participants in the craft seminar.

Niclas Brynielsson, crafts teacher and owner of Öland's building maintenance shop, has over the years built up a strong interest in Öland's stump mill. Niclas lives on the island and owns a stump mill himself. The windmill is a strong symbol of Öland and its history stretches back to the Middle Ages. The mills are also marked on the first land surveying maps from the 17th century. By the middle of the 19th century, there were approximately 2,000 mills on the island. Today, 352 remain, most of which are stubble mills.

Emma Gyllerfelt. University lecturer, HDK-Valand, University of Gothenburg. When newly arrived students encounter crafts instruction, they encounter a rich learning environment, and they are given the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in different ways - but they also encounter teaching that has complex and abstract subject-specific language. In the lecture, Emma Gyllerfelt takes the results from the thesis as a starting point "Crafts teaching with newly arrived students. About multimodal communication and interaction” which is problematized and discussed during the lecture.

Our workshop leaders:

Malena Skote äis a trained architect, but when she moved to a house with a garden 30 years ago, she suddenly got a huge desire to work with her hands. With great zeal, she tackled trellis building, concrete pouring and mosaic laying and got to feel the satisfaction of seeing something grow out of her hands. Her gardening projects turned into articles in magazines and later into books with her own texts and pictures, and she started giving courses in concrete pouring. The little hobby eventually became her work. All the pounding on concrete sacks was wearing on her shoulders, so a few years ago she switched to experimenting with softer materials such as cloth and paper. And she prefers to work with recycled materials! Feel free to read Malena's latest (and 11th!) book, Slöjda med schräm.

Ingrid Servenius was born in 1958. Has worked as a teacher and is now a multitasker who enjoys working with his hands. Wooden linden is a favorite material. She likes to create products that make you happy.

Lars Apelmo (info to come)

Lars Fager is an art teacher and has his professional background as a teacher in the teacher and design education at Linnaeus University. Alongside this, he has devoted himself to creating monumental sculptures in perishable materials such as snow and sand. In recent years, he has been "bitten by the dragon", i.e. more and more fulfilled by building and flying kite. He is also involved in the local kite association here on Öland. 


Friday 6 September, 18.00–21.00:

18.00 The seminar opens.
Capellagården – Camilla Bäckman Pontén, Hiromi Ballantyne and Johan Ekelund

19.00 Dinner

19.45 Comfortable and easy-to-do exercises.
Johan Ekelund and Hiromi Ballantyne

Saturday 7 September, 9.30am–7.30pm:

9.30 Lecture: "Sthe joy, contemporary and future". See above.
Camilla Bäckman Pontén

10.30 Coffee

10.45 The lecture continues

11.30 Lunch

12.15 Workshops - "Veiled with rubbish" with Malena Skote and "Carve cut/carving" with Ingrid Servenius
15.00 Workshops - "Cutting/carving" with Ingrid Servenius and "Veiled with trash" with Malena Skote

17.30 Dinner

18.30 "The Öland stump mill".
Niclas Brynielsson

Sunday 8 September, 9.15am–2.30pm:

9.15 "Craft teaching with newly arrived students. About multimodal communication and interaction”.
Emma Gyllerfelt

10.15 Coffee

10.30 Workshops - "We work in hazel with a focus on the school garden" with Lars Apelmo and "Workshop in kite building" with Lars Fager

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Show workshop work

14.00 The seminar ends


Place and time:

Capellagården, Vickleby, 386 93 Färjestaden. The conference starts on Friday 6 September at 18.00 and ends on Sunday 8 September at 14.30.

Target group:

The conference is aimed at you who are crafts teachers, principals or teachers of other aesthetic subjects.


The price for the course including lunch, dinners and coffee is SEK 3800 incl. VAT. Let us know if there are any allergies to take into account when applying.


Registration for the seminar is done via web form no later than June 5. You can find a link to the form here. We continuously contact you with notification/admission during the spring, usually two weeks from registration. Notification is sent via email. Upon admission, information is given about payment and confirmation of course place. In case of non-payment, we offer the course place to the next person on the tour. If there are any obstacles, the place can be handed over to a colleague. In case of cancellation, a refund is made with 50% of the course fee.


You need to arrange your own accommodation. Nearby accommodation options with hostel standard are, among other things, Stay Guest house in Vickleby*, Station Linné in Skogsby etc. Peek at www.ö for more options.

*Our neighbor Bo Pensionat gives a certain discount if you state "Slöjdseminarium Capellagården" when booking.


You can get to Kalmar by plane, train or long-distance bus. From there it is 20 km to Capellagården. On KLT's website or app you can get the timetable for road buses to Vickleby. By car, turn south after the bridge and drive towards Ottenby (road 136). After 12 km you come to Vickleby and there are signs for the school's car parks.